The Bible teaches us that our God is a loving Father who not only loves and cares for His children, but that all GOOD GIFTS come from Him – not “No Gifts”, not “Bad Gifts” – GOOD GIFTS!  He has prepared everything we need for life and goodliness, so all we have to do when we pray is come to Him, BOLDLY ASK, and receive.  God didn’t specify the size of the need; He is just ready to meet whatever it is!  And because He is our Father and we are His children, we can BOLDLY ASK regardless of the need or the size of it without feeling embarrassed, ashamed or guilty.  So be encouraged as you listen to this motivating message assuring us that we can be fearless when it comes to asking God for His help.

ASK BOLDLY, Prayer Keys part 7

by Pastor Chris Caton | PRAYER KEYS