Although the Lord’s Prayer is a great template for us to follow, Jesus had a lot more to say that can help us become comfortable and proficient in our praying.  In this message, Pastor Chris dives deep into Jesus’ thoughts on prayer and gives us keys to develop the right mindset and attitudes — from where and how to pray, to realizing that prayer is supposed to be a relational experience.  It’s important that we  know who God is and always address Him just like a child would talk to his father.  Additionally, Pastor Chris highlights some unfruitful prayer habits and gives us tools to overcome them.  One of the major prayer keys is to simply keep it real.  Knowing that we are always connected to God because we are welcome in His presence will allow us to pour out our hearts to Him, even releasing all the negative emotions we are experiencing, but after that, we simply need to be as genuine and heartfelt in our words to Him as He is in His listening and responding to us. 

KEEP IT REAL, Prayer Keys part 2

by Pastor Chris Caton | PRAYER KEYS