We are not meant to be spectators when the Holy Spirit moves, but rather we are to take part by fully jumping into the river of the power of God that’s flowing around us and to us. So how do we do that? In this message, Pastor Chris shows us the best way to respond in the moment and how to get to that place where our responses will be immediate in every moment. One of the key factors in responding to any move of the Holy Spirit is by having an intimate relationship with God, and we do that by not just knowing His will, but by knowing His ways. God wants us to be filled with the knowledge of Him and have a comprehensive understanding of who He is and what He does. When we do that, we honor God. And when we honor Him, He invites us in for more of Him. So let’s focus on God’s ways and be ready to jump in and receive more than we could ever imagine.


by Pastor Chris Caton | RESPOND part 6