Missions Strategy #1 is a fund that Word of Life has designated to support specific projects of ministries that are working to translate, print, and distribute “Word of Faith” teaching materials, books, and Bibles into foreign languages. Through the years, this fund has distributed thousands of dollars to projects in Germany, Russia, China, Iran, India, Uzbekistan, and the Philippines. These books make phenomenal “missionaries” because . . .

    • They never get tired, sick, or hungry.
    • You don’t have to feed, house, or clothe them.
    • They already know the language and they “speak” it without an accent.
    • They don’t need a visa, and they can go places that Americans cannot!
    • They don’t have to become acclimated to the culture, the customs, or the conditions.
    • They’re not bothered by bad water or bad weather, and they don’t get homesick.
    • They work 24/7 and never give up!
    • Long after missionaries and ministers leave, these books remain and have a multiplied impact as they’re passed from one person to the next