In celebration of “International Rhema Day,”  learn about Rhema Bible College and what the word “rhema” means.  “Rhema” is a word, a place, and a world-wide movement!  The word “rhema” is so vital to our Christian walk because it is the “living spoken word of God,” which is the power of God that works in our lives.  Pastor Chris and Pastor Christen share some of their own personal experiences of Rhema Bible College, and then Pastor Chris takes us on a journey through God’s word showing us many places that the word “rhema” appears, helping us to understand its powerful meaning.  Learning about Rhema/ “rhema” will stir your spirit to press into the things of God and increas your desire to serve Him with all your heart.  Our Word of Life Family is so blessed to be part of the Rhema Family!


by Pastor Chris Caton | 2021 Int'l RHEMA Day